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Investment Strategy


Our firm applies a disciplined approach in building portfolios. We typically invest capital gradually as individual investment positions are established. This approach helps minimize the initial impact of a market timing effect. Blue Fin Capital applies a rigorous strategy to individual accounts to ensure that they are well diversified across industry sectors and fixed income maturities. We continuously monitor each account to ensure that it remains positioned to capitalize on evolving investment opportunities.


We strive to invest in outstanding businesses that provide evidence of high-caliber management, exceptional fundamentals, and attractive valuations. We seek out businesses capable of generating superior economic returns as a result of sustainable competitive advantages. We are most interested in businesses generating significant cash flow with high returns on equity, little debt, high profit margins, and significant barriers to entry. It is our goal to identify these businesses and to establish long-term positions in them at attractive prices. We apply a “bottoms up” approach to individual securities, but keep a weather eye on the macroeconomic environment to identify emerging demographic, capital-spending, interest-rate, and other significant trends.


Blue Fin Capital uses fixed income investments to preserve capital, generate income, and reduce portfolio volatility. After reviewing the appropriate tax, time horizon, and risk characteristics of a client, we establish positions in investment-grade issues in the treasury, municipal, and corporate bond markets. We are biased toward securities from highly rated credit issuers because we believe the characteristics of these investments are most consistent with our primary fixed income objectives.

While we tailor some portfolios to provide for cash flow needs, we generally use a laddered maturities structure. Thus, we minimize the reinvestment risk associated with changes in the term structure of interest rates. We rarely invest in fixed income maturities beyond the center of the yield curve, given the volatility associated with issues with longer maturities. Where appropriate, we will establish positions in preferred stocks and real estate investment trusts to increase investment yield.