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We individually tailor our investment strategy to each client account, because each client’s situation is unique and warrants individual attention. We prefer to begin with face-to-face discussions that explore a client’s investment objectives, time horizon, liquidity constraints, tax issues, and unique personal factors. Thereafter, Blue Fin Capital creates an investment policy statement outlining the design and implementation of a suitable investment strategy. The strategy may include incorporation of existing investments into an aggregated investment program.


Blue Fin Capital manages separate accounts for each client. Separately managed accounts provide clients with portfolios specifically tailored to client goals, volatility tolerances, investment horizons, tax brackets, and liquidity needs. In addition, separately managed accounts offer the flexibility to meet unique needs (e.g., a large position in a security, investment positions with low tax basis). Separately managed accounts enable investors to pursue tax-intelligent investment programs that address opportunities to harvest tax credits. Finally, separately managed accounts enable clients to avoid many of the unnecessary taxes stemming from legacy positions that are often associated with pooled investment vehicles.


While many investors struggle between goals of preserving capital or maximizing capital appreciation, Blue Fin Capital has established a process designed to help clients prioritize their objectives. In today’s busy world, it is important to take the time to organize investment priorities wisely. We have established such a program that is driven by both an interview and questionnaire process. This is a starting point that leads to further refinement of investment objectives.


Developing an effective asset allocation strategy is the key to successful wealth management. This is an ongoing process, driven by many factors, including client wealth, investment objectives, tax constraints, liquidity needs, time horizon, and life-stage. Blue Fin Capital has developed a program to identify initial asset allocation targets for a client and then to monitor these targets. This may include a quantitative projection of account values and cash flows across varying investment return assumptions over selected time periods. These projections are often particularly useful in establishing minimum levels of capital invested for preservation purposes.


Integral to portfolio management is the need to continuously assess the investment landscape and to adjust the portfolio accordingly. The process should also provide for regular contact with the client in order to properly adjust for changes in factors related to both investment objectives and optimal asset allocation targets.