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Investment Management

Our Philosophy

When it comes to managing your money, we abide by the following core beliefs:

  • It's critical to protect your money's purchasing power over the course of your life. To enhance wealth over time and protect your money from inflation, we believe our clients need to maintain a healthy long-term exposure to equities.
  • Investing in companies with favorable economics is essential for delivering attractive returns. We believe businesses with high returns on invested capital may provide our clients with attractive long-term investment results. Businesses are not all equal. Some firms are structurally superior and consistently generate high levels of discretionary cash flow. We believe a diversified portfolio of such businesses, operated by shareholder-oriented management teams, are positioned to provide investors with attractive long-term returns.
  • Tax intelligence provides a way to maximize returns. We are always sensitive to taxes. As such, we build separately managed custom portfolios for clients consisting of individual stocks and bonds, and select ETFs. The merits of this approach include transparency and low expenses, along with portfolio control to maximize opportunities for tax efficiency.
  • Identifying and controlling risk is essential. We take a highly disciplined investment approach to controlling risk. This entails portfolio diversification, as well as a preference to invest in companies that exhibit low levels of financial leverage and possess management teams whose values align with their shareholders.

Our Approach

We employ a dynamic and personalized approach to managing client portfolios so that they align with your goals over course of your lifetime and resist the effects of inflation and taxes. As a Blue Fin client, expect us to:

  • Conduct in-depth discovery. We understand your financial world, your tolerance for risk, and liquidity and capital needs to then help you organize your priorities in a manner so that you enjoy life.
  • Establish your asset allocation. Relying on the findings of our discovery, we develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that establishes the appropriate mix of stock and bonds for your portfolio.
  • Create a custom separately managed portfolio. Using the IPS, we design and manage a portfolio that aligns with your goals, liquidity, and capital needs. It considers your tolerance for risk and is tax sensitive.
  • Strategically rebalance. We rebalance portfolios to maintain your target asset allocation, address a change in your objectives, and capture opportunities to add value.

 Blue Fin Capital Investment Approach