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Meeting Your Needs

Client Centered

We established Blue Fin Capital in 1996, with one purpose: to help successful individuals and families grow and protect their wealth.

To fulfill our goal, we built an organization that offers clients

  • Expertise that simplifies their life

  • An enduring commitment to them, their families, and subsequent generations

  • A highly personalized relationship, only found in a high-end boutique firm

Over the past 20 years, we've cultivated a loyal client base that includes

  • High-income professionals, who are in their peak earning years and on a path to building wealth. Oftentimes, these clients are seeking our help to find a balance between essential goals such as their funding their children’s education and their future retirement, while enjoying their desired lifestyle throughout life’s journey.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners, who face important decisions such as whether to grow their business, or plan for a succession and ultimate liquidity event. These clients rely on us throughout all stages of their business ownership. We continue to work very closely with them after a liquidity event, guiding them to soft landing during their next phase of life.
  • Modest millionaires, who have accumulated a meaningful amount of money from a combination of living well within their means and disciplined long-term saving. These clients rely on us as a trusted partner to advise them when making important financial decisions and to manage their savings so that they enjoy a prosperous and worry-free retirement.
  • High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families, who have worked hard over the course of their life and are now enjoying the wealth they’ve created. We help these clients make their money work for them so that they enjoy life without any financial worries and can make their desired impact in the lives of their children, grandchildren and community.

While all of our clients have unique circumstances, they all value our ability to help them navigate life’s journey with clarity and ease, while growing and protecting their wealth.

How We Work With Clients

The following case studies are intended to show you the Blue Fin way of working with clients. The stories are for illustrative purposes only.

Managing the Complexities of a Company Sale

Preparing a Future Surviving Spouse

Providing a Self-Made Millionaire with a Soft Landing to Retirement

Providing a Surgeon with Financial Clarity and Confidence